Winners bag 70m/- in NMB deposit mobilisation campaign

NMB Bank’s deposit mobilisation campaign came to a climax with lucky winners bagging prizes worth 69.5m/- at a grand draw held at the bank’s pavilion in Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Trade Fair Grounds in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday.

The NMB Bank Head of Branch Network and Retail Sales Mr Donatus Richard said the bank’s deposit mobilisation campaign was geared towards promoting a savings culture among its customers.

“We started this campaign in March this year as part of our commitment to share some of our proceeds with our customers.

During this campaign customers won both cash and no-cash prizes as part of our strategy to promote a savings culture among customers,” he said.

The grand prizes won included five tri-cycles popularly known as ‘bajaj’ worth 25m/-, 11 motorcycles worth 33m/-, and various electronic appliances including a double-door fridge, Smart Tv, washing machine, laptop, Samsung flip phone and an iphone 14 ProMax.

He said the saving culture for majority of Tanzanians is low adding that the bank is committed to continue sensitising the public on how adopt savings habits.

“We urge our customers to continue making more deposits in their accounts and increase their savings for future use and even after the climax of this campaign,” he said.

He noted that NMB Bank offers its customers highly innovative financial solutions such as the Mshiko Fasta loans in which a person borrows between 1,000/- and 500,000/- using a mobile phone.

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