Wikiendika gives 30 youths forum to discuss issues affecting them

About 30 youths are set to partake in the first episode of Wikiendika slated at MEMA-Africa headquarters in Dar es Salaam on Friday.

According to its moderator Sayf Mzirai, the program aims at bringing together young people who engage in dialogue about various issues affecting them.

He says it is a big platform since apart from discussion, participants also get a chance to establish ways of solving such problems.

“We are starting this program in Dar es Salaam but our target is to visit as many regions as possible,” he says.

He also reveals that Zanzibar has not been spared and they will reach there as well.

Moreover, Mzirai points out they work closely with MEMA-Africa, a youth led organisation that uses the power of storytelling to bring positive transformation among young people in the country.

“They (MEMA-Africa) aim to equip young people with confidence and tools to be authors of their own lives.

“By strategically engaging young people in our programs, we believe that we can bring about rapid and sustainable changes due to the potential young people hold, such as passion, energy and desire to achieve development,” Mzirai remarks.

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