Why Tuesday is Maasai’s best day of the week?

One of the social activities which brings together a big number of people living around Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) is auction.

It unfolds at Enduleni, one of the busy places around Ngorongo where they meet at an open space to conduct a number of activities.

The big day which falls on Tuesdays serves as a moment for them to integrate, share ideas and most importantly, engage in cattle business.

As such, meandering through the beautiful scenery of the area enroute to the auction place, a lot of Masaai people could be seen heading to embrace the big day.

Others used donkeys to transport their commodities to the auction venue without necessarily taking into account the prevailing long distance.

For them, it is a very important day as it comes once a week as such, sometimes, they even brace for rainfall just to be there.

However, Ngorongoro still remains a big treasure that the country is blessed with as it houses a number of attractions accompanied with conducive climate conditions.

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