‘Why Tanzanians should rally behind Samia’

ARUSHA: THE Minister for Information, Communication, and Information Technology, Nape Nnauye, has appealed to Tanzanians to rally behind President Samia Suluhu Hassan for her tremendous achievements since assuming the presidency.

“Let me urge those using social media to demonstrate our support for the President for all the good things she has done for our country,” Mr Nape stated.

Minister Nape made this statement on Monday during the launch of four radio broadcasting stations for the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) in Ngorongoro District, Arusha Region.

The minister recalled how in the past, businesspeople had their bank accounts seized over tax issues, but now these issues have been resolved, and they can confidently conduct their businesses.

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“Any businessperson who has benefitted from this should go online and share how President Samia has positively impacted them using #Nasimamanaraisisamia,” he emphasised.

He also mentioned that in the past, Regional and District Commissioners would rush to fundraise for classroom construction in December, but President Dr Samia has successfully sourced funds from partners for this purpose.

“Nowadays, classrooms are accessible throughout the country, and our children can attend school. Previously, students in Form V and VI had to pay school fees, but Dr Samia eliminated fees from Nursery to Form VI,” the minister explained.

Mr Nape pointed out further that women who previously struggled to access medical services are now relieved as health facilities have been established closer to their communities.

“Fellow journalists whose media outlets were banned and worked in fear should let the world know that we support Samia. Let’s inform the critics that we understand her,” he emphasized.

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Regarding telecommunication services, he mentioned that 759 telecommunication towers have been erected, providing services to over eight million Tanzanians.

“I encourage everyone who benefits from these services to voice their support online. We have one president, and we should stand by her, defend her, and witness more positive developments,” he added.

He appealed to politicians to continue supporting Dr Samia, noting that the Head of State has shown desire and commitment to promote democracy after lifting the ban on political rallies.

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