Why postal services key to socio-economic growth

THE government has underscored the importance of services being provided by the postal sector, saying it is a major catalyst for improving socio-economic development and fulfillment of aspirations of the nation.

Information, Communication and Information Technology Minister, Mr Nape Nnauye, made the remarks in commemoration of World Post Day 2022, marked on Sunday under the theme “Post for Planet”.

“We are committed in improving postal services handling while ensuring that environmental protection is enhanced in order to lessen the effects of climate change (mitigation) and reduce the impact of health for future generations,” Mr Nape stated in a statement published in the newspapers on Sunday.

“This year’s theme of ‘Post for Planet’ challenges countries to take recourse on the relevance of the postal services and how to enhance its services worldwide,” he added.

The minister noted further that Universal Postal Union (UPU) forms the largest physical distribution network in the world.

“Postal services connect people and communities across borders, help sustain the flow and exchange of information, facilitate the movement of goods and the provision of financial and other services,” he remarked.

He pointed further that UPU has continued to be a formidable partner in meeting any countries’ development objectives that are postal driven, forward and competitive with the consumers’ demand on the planet.

“Through its postal services, Tanzania has ensured that global postal connectivity is technologically and physically accessible from local level into any corner of the world,” he noted.

Mr Nape urged the postal sector to work on climate change solutions by supporting the theme of the UPU celebration this year through promoting planting of trees in enhancing clean air, stabilising the soil, as well as protecting biodiversity and offset carbon emission from delivery vehicles.

Meanwhile, while officiating the event to mark the climax of 148th commemorative World Post Day, in Dar es Salaam, on Sunday, Mr Nape called on Tanzania Postal Corporation (TPC) to innovate new postal businesses that will be in line with global technological changes as well as the needs of customers.

“Along with the reforms you are doing  in digital transformation , I remind the management of the TPC to intensify its efforts in innovating postal businesses that will be in line with the use of technology to meet the new needs of customers that change from time to time.” the minister underlined.

In a related development, Mr Nape launched a joint historical stamp between Tanzania and Oman to promote tourism. The minister also launched Posta Kiganjani App which will enable every person who owns a mobile phone to access postal services.

The App consists of eight services including, track item, post box, estate, virtual box, delivery pickup, posta cash and control number.

On his part, Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Dr Jim Yonazi, committed to put in place strong innovative plans to ensure TPC contributes greatly to the national income.

In his message for the day, the Director General of Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), Dr Jabir Kuwe, said issues of climate change are multi-dimensional and cross all areas of governmental policies.

“In view of the above the Universal Postal Union of which Tanzania is a member has chosen a theme for this year to commit the Postal sector to join other partners to work together to preserve the environment.

Commenting on the day, the Postmaster General of Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC), Mr Macrice Mbodo, said the corporation is well aware that in today’s volatile world, business and service providing organisations have to be more flexible and adaptive to the fast-changing social, economic and technological environments.

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