Why Nyamagana improved infrastructure crucial

COMPLETION of road construction in different areas in Nyamagana district, Mwanza city has been received with
positive attitude by the public as solution as a solution for transport infrastructure challenges that guarantees travel all seasons of the year.

Roads in the district have been constructed for more than 4bn/- for the financial year 2021/22 by Tanzania Rural
and Urban Road Agency (TARURA) using road toll funds, constituency fund and the Roads Fund.

The nation found it pertinent to establish TARURA in 2017 so that it could work in hand with Tanzanian National
Roads Agency (TANROADS) in serving the transport infrastructure sector that is as important as blood vessels helping to distribute blood in human body.

After establishment of TARURA, the nation continues to witness various roads construction efforts in various places, including Mwanza city at a high level.

Nyamagana district has a road network of 1025.612 kilometres that are built at tarmac, stone, gravel, concrete
and soil while levels and maintenance is done every year according to the available budget in the level of tarmac, concrete and stone.

TARURA District Manager, Engineer Dunstan Kishaka, says that TARURA has spent 4,346,287,308.47/ to carry
out the construction at tarmac, stone, concrete level and bridges construction.

He adds that other works carried out by TARURA were the excavating of ditches, culverts and road markings in
different areas in the district.

Eng Kishaka says the areas that benefited from the construction by TARURA are Luchelele, Buhongwa, Igoma,
Nyegezi, Nyamagana, Nyakato, Mkolani, Mahina and the construction of the Sinai Bridge.

He says the implementation of the road project has largely been completed by 100 per cent while the construction of the bridges has reached 95 per cent and will be completed soon.

Eng Kishaka notes that construction of the roads in tarmac level has been done for a length of 5.7 kilometres and
mentioned the areas that benefited as Luchelele, Shadi, Nyahingi, Malimbe, Passion, Viwanja Vipya, Mwananchi Mahina Kati, Buhongwa, Bulale and Mwasonge.

Other places as Mkolani Buhongwa, Bismark and Ibanda Buhongwa at a cost of 3,294,738,837.00/- and the work was carried out by Nyanza Road Works and Jassie and Company Ltd.

Eng Kishaka explains that the construction of the Ole Njoolay and Ng’washi roads has been made with concrete for 159,327,735.00/-, a length through the AM & Partners Company, while the Igoma Primary School road has
a length for 166,197,820/- through Rasu Company Ltd.

He says that TARURA has overseen construction of the Sinai Bridge for 285,513,315.97/- through the Osaka
Company Ltd.

“I ask the people to trust us in our work and not to worry. They should safeguard those roads along with other infrastructure so that they can last for a long time, because their construction costs the government a lot of money,” says Eng Kishaka.

He notes that the government continues to issue a lot of money so that TARURA carries out its work more efficiently, by constructing roads to standard level in different areas.

The Mwanza City is currently under construction of different roads with tarmac, stone, concrete levels and patch
sealing, marking and other activities, translating that being a good step in achieving the level of sustainable development.

TARURA was launched by Prime Minister, Mr Kassim Majaliwa in 2017 and announced in Government Gazette
No. GN 211 in May 2017. At the launch, the Prime Minister called on it to shun corruption that may be issued in tender processes, especially on road projects.

“Only competent contractors should be hired to implement road projects through competitive bidding,” said the
Prime Minister.

He also instructed TARURA to deal with the mismanagement of construction contracts between Contractors and
Authorities in road projects and insisted on transparency in contracts of public works.

Mr Majaliwa warned some leaders of the district council who were accused of changing the use of funds allocated for road projects to other projects saying that funds must be used on planned projects.

TARURA enables improvements in the rural and urban road network, thus helping people The agency has been a key towards strengthening production in agriculture by facilitating the transportation of produce to the market, it has also been an important tool for the economic growth of our country and it helps to change people’s lives, reduce the risk and time spend on the road.

In that event, Prime Minister Majaliwa also approved the distribution of funds from the Road Fund to TANROADS of 70 per cent and 30 per cent to TARURA.

The former Minister of State in the Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government, Mr
George Simbachawene said TARURA is the key to the development of society and will promote the level of the national economy, noting that road infrastructure helps to improve production in agriculture and also facilitate the delivery of the chain social services for citizens.

The minister pointed out that the road network under Local Government Authorities has 108,942.2 kilometres, which is more than half of the road network in the whole country.

As a result of the work done by TARURA, the residents of Nyamagana district said they are grateful to see that
the promises made by the government to build roads have been implemented satisfactorily and quickly.

A Buhongwa ward resident, Ms Ng’washi Sayenda said they are grateful to the government for the construction of the road in their area as they previously experienced inconvenience as it was damaged during the rainy season and brought hardship to the people.

Nyahingi resident, Mr Marco Masala said they are grateful to see that their area has been built with tamarc standard which enables the area to have the same status as other cities and wanted the government to continue investing in the construction of tarmac roads.

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