Why Mwinyi cancelled Revolution Day celebrations

ZANZIBAR President, Dr Hussein Mwinyi has said that the cancellation of pomp and fanfare for this year’s Revolution anniversary is meant to prepare for the grand festivities for the next year’s celebrations.

The president gave the clarifications on Wednesday when addressing Zanzibaris on the eve of the 59th Revolution Anniversary which is marked today.

“We have decided to cancel a number of activities in this year’s celebrations, including the grand parade of the defense and security forces for the culmination of the 59th revolution anniversary,” he said.

He noted that despite the cancellation of some of the events, the government marked the anniversary through conducting various activities, including laying foundation stones and opening of various development projects.

“In the celebration of the 59th anniversary of the Zanzibar Revolution this year, the government laid foundation stones on 19 development projects and 35 projects have been launched by various leaders in Unguja and Pemba,” Dr Mwinyi pointed out.

“We have decided to cancel this year’s celebrations for grand festivities in the next year’s celebrations when the Revolution will turn 60.

Dr Mwinyi further used the same platform to express his gratitude to Zanzibaris who participated massively in various events prepared for the celebrations, adding that their attendance in various events symbolises the unity among them and support for the government’s efforts in bringing development.

Recently on 31 January 2022, President Mwinyi confirmed that this year’s climax of the59th anniversary of the Revolution on January12 will be marked without pomp and fanfare.

It has always been a tradition that the anniversary is marked at the Isles National Stadium-Amani with pomp and fanfare, including defense and security forces grand parade.

Dr Mwinyi announced the new development yesterday when he met with journalists for his monthly engagement with the media.

“We have diverted more than 450m/- that was earmarked for the celebrations to funding projects in the education sector,” Dr Mwinyi informed journalists, saying other planned activities to celebrate the revolution will go as planned.

He mentioned other reasons to skip gathering and pomp as saving the budget for the ‘grand’ 60th anniversary next year.

Dr Mwinyi said Zanzibaris have a lot to celebrate, particularly development of infrastructures, new buildings for health services provision, new public markets (at Mwanakwerekwe, Jumbi, Chuini and Mombasa) and increasing investors.

He said upon completion of construction of health facilities, the government will outsource most of the services, including Imaging (MRI, CT-scan), Laboratory, laundry, purchase of reagents and incinerator to improve service delivery and end complaints in hospitals.

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