WHI eyes more investors

THE Watumishi Housing Investments (WHI) plans to implement a range of strategies to heighten the scope of investors and profit in its excelling collective investments scheme (CIS), Faida Fund.

Among others, this year’s vision is to upscale the fund size to a substantial 30bn/- as well as pushing the  number of investors beyond the current 3,524.

Within a few years since its inception, the open-ended scheme run by the country’s state –owned fund manager has so far-fetched remarkable milestones to the tune of solidifying its position as a thriving investment platform.

The WHI Head of Investment Unit, Paskali Massawe said the foreseen plans incorporate effective marketing strategies to expand the fund’s outreach.

“Faida Fund will soon launch an extensive marketing campaign, through both digital and traditional channels with an eye to reach a wider audience and attract new investors into the fold, pushing a total number of investors beyond the current 3,524,” she unveiled.

Mr Massawe further said that plans are also underway to explore new avenues for investment onto the fund, adding “this includes identifying emerging sectors and markets with growth potential while maintaining a vigilant approach to risk management.”

To help attract more potential investors, Faida Fund will roll out an extensive investor education programme, providing in-depth materials and hosting seminars to ensure informed decision-making among the current and prospective investors.

Mr Massawe said there will be other interventions which will be based on efforts to further strengthen partnerships and collaborations within the financial industry.

“The fund seeks to leverage collective resources and expertise for mutual benefit, fostering a collaborative ecosystem,” he insisted.

And with a keen focus to help maximising returns, Faida Fund will continuously monitor and optimise its existing investment portfolio, the proactive approach which aims to enhance performance and uphold prudent resource management practices, according to Mr Massawe.

With a total fund size now reaching a formidable 19,557,709,707.20 Faida Fund has shown exceptional financial strength, with the Net Asset Value (NAV) stands at an impressive 110.7900, underscoring the fund’s commitment to delivering value to its investors.

So far, the profit distributed to investors has reached an admirable 1.3 bn/-, showcasing tangible returns for those who entrusted their investments with Faida Fund.

“This distribution reflects the fund’s dedication to providing lucrative opportunities for its growing investor base,” he added.

The WHI’s Investment head expressed that in a financial landscape marked by uncertainties, Faida Fund’s steadfast growth and strategic plans make it a standout choice for investors seeking stability and lucrative opportunities.

As the fund navigates the path to a 30 billion fund size, it remains a beacon of success in the world of investments.

As Faida Fund embarks on this ambitious journey, it positions itself as a beacon of growth and stability in the financial realm.

With a meticulous blend of strategic initiatives, the fund is poised to not only achieve its 30bn/- target but also redefine the landscape of investment opportunities for its stakeholders.

Investors, both current and prospective, can anticipate a dynamic and promising future with the fund at the helm of financial innovation.

Faida Fund is an open-ended scheme, which seeks to create wealth to Tanzanians particularly to middle and low-income groups through investments in units to obtain competitive return through capital growth; and enhance the culture of savings in the financial assets.

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