What’s happening with Twitter blue checks?

Elon Musk had promised to take away all of Twitter’s blue checkmarks doled out to Hollywood stars, professional athletes, business leaders, authors and journalists unless they start buying a monthly subscription to the social media service.

Musk’s goal was to shove the advertising-dependent platform he bought for $44bn last year into a pay-to-play model – and maybe antagonise some enemies and fellow elites in the process.

But the Saturday deadline passed and the blue checks are still there, many with a new disclaimer explaining they might have been paid for or they might not have been paid for — nobody but Twitter knows. The company did not return a request from the Associated Press to clarify its changing policies on Monday.

Blue tick or a ‘scarlet letter’?

Matt Darling has been on Twitter for about 15 years and never cared about not having a blue check, though he would get a kick out of whenever a verified account of “some real-world importance” started following him.

People on Twitter will joke about blue checks like they’re the aristocracy but I don’t think anyone actually thought that” except for Musk, Darling said

Now, Darling finally got a blue check after paying $11 last month to try out some of the features that come with a Twitter Blue subscription. But seeing it becoming more of a “scarlet letter” under Musk than a symbol of credibility, he used a technique to scrub the blue tick from his profile.

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