Water situation continues to improve in Dodoma

THE Dodoma Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (DUWASA) has succeeded in increasing water production in the city from 61.5 million liters to 67.8 million liters per day in the past two years.

DUWASA Managing Director Engineer Aron Joseph said yesterday that the government has succeeded in drilling 23 wells, improving other wells as well as building large tanks capable of storing large amount of water.

He cited the improvement to efforts taken by the sixth phase government in investing in social services.

“Currently, water availability and accessibly situation in Dodoma District has reached 91 per cent, Chamwino 87 per cent, Kongwa DC 88 per cent and Bahi is 97 per cent,” he said.

Eng Aron said that in the two years of the sixth phase government, DUWASA has also succeeded in increasing its income from 1.6bn/- to 2.3bn/-.

“The revenue collection increase is due to the increase of customers from 54,124 to 72,795 during the last two years,” said Eng Aron.

“The Dodoma population is rapidly growing, thus leading to an increase in demand for water supply and increase in number of customers that being the reason for the increase of revenue collection,” he added.

Eng Aron also said that in the past two years, DUWASA has succeeded in repairing the dilapidated sewage network in Area C and Area D, in order to eliminate the problem of overflowing sewage and foul smell on the streets from time to time.

He noted that a total of 19 kilometres of pipeline are being replaced and 10005 chambers are being built where the contractor has already reached 83 per cent of the implementation and within its completion the project will have cost 4.9bn/-.

He explained that the authority expects to implement various emergency, short and medium term projects to ensure access of clean water in Dodoma Region reaches 85 per cent by 2032.

He mentioned some of the projects as the drilling of wells in Nzuguni, Bihawana, Zuzu and Iyumbu area that will serve many areas within the city, thus enhancing the availability and accessibility of clean water service and reducing the risk of water allocation to the people.

“This drilling project in these areas will cost approximately 4.8bn/- and will increase the production of clean water from 67.8 million liters per day to 76.3 million liters per day, equivalent to an increase of 11.4 per cent,” he said.

He said that due to the increase of clean water demand, DUWASA is working on the project of drawing water from Mtera Dam as an emergency plan, where a consultant engineer has already been found and the design work is ongoing.

“This project might be completed in a period of two to two and a half years starting from March this year, where it will cost approximately 326bn/-,” he said.

Eng  Aroni also said that DUWASA expects to build a sewage system with a length of 250 kilometers and 16 modern dams where this project will cost 161bn/- and will be able to connect 6000 new customers within 14 wards in the city.

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