Water drilling machine to address water woes in Geita

THE Rural Water and Sanitation Authority (RUWASA) in Geita Region has received a water drilling machine purchased by the government at a cost of 600m/-, which will be used for improvements of water services in rural areas.

Speaking over the weekend at the launch of the machine held at Ntono village, Bukoli ward in Geita District, the Geita Region Ruwasa Manager, Engineer Jabir Kayilla, said the machine is among 25 machines purchased by the government.

With the new machine Ruwasa expects to drill 54 deep water wells in 54 villages with poor water services in the first phase.

He explained that in the first phase of the project, 13 villages will be from the Bukombe District, seven villages in Chato District, 21 villages of Geita District, seven villages of Mbogwe District as well as six villages of Nyang’hwale District.

“After drilling these wells, we are going to build a water supply network,” Mr Kayilla stated.

“We will also construct water pipe networks and water stations, so that people can access water from the stations that are near to their areas,” Engineer Kayilla noted.

Geita Regional Commissioner Martin Shigella said the drilling machines have been bought by the sixth phase government using the Tanzania Covid-19 Rescue Fund (TCRF) with the mission of improving water sanitation facilities.

In addition, Mr Shigella directed Ruwasa to cooperate with the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) to supply electricity to water catchment areas so that the water service can be supplied at a low cost.

The councilor of Bukoli Ward, Mr Faraji Rajabu admitted that the project is beneficial because a deep well has already been drilled in the village of Ntono which is expected to supply 15,000 liters of water per hour enough to serve three villages.

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