Wanyere village to get 573m/- secondary school

THE government has provided 573m/- for construction of Wanyere Secondary School located in Wanyere Village, Musoma Rural, Mara Region.

Also, a total of 2.5m/- was recently raised from a special fundraising event, aimed at facilitating construction of the school in order to ease long distance movements that students undertake in the area.

The event was attended by Member of Parliament for Musoma Rural, Professor Sospeter Muhongo who contributed 100 bags of cement to facilitate the construction exercise.

Similarly, Wanyere residents seized a leading role in making contributions, and so far they have formed a group of people tasked to collect construction sand, fetching water and digging a foundation for  building one block with two classrooms and a teacher’s office.

Moreover, residents of a nearby Kataryo Village have contributed 30 cement bags.

It has been understood that currently, students from Wanyere Village are compelled to walk a distance of 30 kilometres to and from a nearby ward school and that some of them have rented rooms close to the school.

Other common challenges faced by Wanyere students include walking long distance to school, congestion in classrooms, inadequate science laboratories, lack of libraries and acute shortage of science and language teachers.

Wanyere Village is among the four villages found in Suguti Ward that has got one secondary school located in Suguti Village. Other villages are Chirorwe, Kusenyi and Suguti.

Residents and leaders of Musoma constituency (rural) are thankful to the government under President Samia Suluhu Hassan for the endless provision of good education in the constituency.

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