VP urges youths to read Union history

TANZANIA: VICE- President Dr Philip Mpango has called on Tanzanians, especially young people, to learn the history of the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar so as to understand its importance and protect it for future generations.

Speaking during a special interview on the 60years of the Union, Dr Mpango said there is need for people to look into the history and understand the reasons behind the formation of the Union and the need to protect it since it is crucial for the welfare of all Tanzanians.

The interview was aired on Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC).

“It is important for the youth to learn through documents, books and other literatures. Young people need to understand this country’s history and see how the government has been resolving various challenges to ensure the Union remains strong,” Dr Mpango said.

The VP said there is need for Union education to be imparted from primary school level so that children could understand the values and basics of forming it.

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“We need to employ various methods in imparting knowledge on Union-based matters, use of music, social media and other modern methods could be applied to reach young people,” he noted.

Commenting on the achievement of the Union, Dr Mpango said the country has strengthened security, promoted culture including Kiswahili language, maintained economic growth and many others.

“This is a unique Union, it is strong and a good example in the world, marking 60 years is a milestone,” he noted.

On the other hand, Dr Mpango called on Tanzanians to conserve the environment by planting trees. He said at least each household must plant three trees to ensure protection of nature.

“I would like to ask energy stakeholders to support the government to promote the use of clean cooking energy to protect the environment and people’s health,” he noted.

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