VP urges amicable marital conflict resolution

VICE-PRESIDENT Dr Philip Mpango has urged parents in their respective families to use better ways of resolving their matrimonial conflicts to prevent negative effects to children, including being orphaned.

VP Mpango made the statement yesterday during his visit to the Jerusalem Home of God’s Love for Children Orphanage owned by Diocese of East and Coast Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) at Kimara in Dar es Salam region.

The centre has been offering care, including upbringing children neglected by their parents. It accommodates children aging from one day from all over the country.

“Every person should have a sense of dignity and humanity by ensuring that children are safe and protected, it is wrong to neglect any child who has been brought by God’s blessings,” Dr Mpango said.

The VP called upon parents to avoid disputes, and if they occur parents should opt involving elders, religious leaders or the government.

He emphasised on attaining family consensus rather than using forceful means, such as physical fight that could lead to physical and psychological harm or even death.

He also thanked religious leaders across the country who continued praying for prevailed peace in the country, while providing care and support to neglected children and orphans.

He commended the church for having an idea of establishing the orphanage, ensuring that it is sustainable and continues to invest in provision of education and health services.

Dr Mpango said their plan to introduce a health centre for training health workers at the area will be helpful to the orphaned children housed at the centre and members of the public at the area.

Nevertheless, he appreciated the ELCT’s environment conservation initiatives, by planting 1,500 tree seedlings at the centre in a bid to address the climate change effects.

Additionally, he told citizens to shun from invading lands belonging to the religious institutions, while urging religious leaders to ensure their lands are surveyed and acquire title deeds in order to avoid land conflicts with the public.

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