VP: Tap into emerging investment opportunities

THE Vice-President Dr Philip Mpango has urged Tanzanians to tap into emerging investment opportunities including real estate, leisure and tourism industry.

Mr Mpango made the statement on Wednesday in Kasulu District, Kigoma Region, where he graced the launch of a modern hospitality facility christened Dubai Bwani Hotel built at the cost of 1.6bn/- by Kigoma businessman, Mr Evance Chocha.

He said the government understands the significance of local and foreign investors on boosting Kigoma Region economy and the nation at large.

To further smooth investment climate in the region, he called upon the regional leaders to set friendly environment for investors, like allocating special plot for investment and business.

“Set affordable price for land in order to lure many investors,” Dr Mpango hinted.

For his part, Bwani Dubai Hotel’s Director, Mr Chocha attributed the construction of the facility to good investment policies and regulation put in the government.

“President Samia (Suluhu Hassan) is an investment driven visionary leader, who believes on an open economic diplomacy in a globalised tech connected earth planet,” he said.

Mr Chocha said the hotel would stimulate social and economic development by creating employment opportunities, while accelerating sales in the entire economic chain.

Additionally, he pledged to donate 500 bags of cement at the Kalema Special Needs Children School.

Earlier, while receiving complains from Kigoma Region residents pertaining to land disputes,  Dr Mpango urged the Ministry for Natural Resource and Tourism to timely set demarcation separating Kagerankanda Game Reserve from citizens’ settlement.

He also urged citizens to up hold government efforts on protecting the national heritage including animals available in the game reserve for their lasting presence as they are iconic precious resources.

“The abundant natural resources available in our country such as forest and animals serve as tourist attractions and rain formation, the government is always committed to sustainable utilisation of all available resource,” he said.

Furthermore, he directed the Minister for Water, Mr Jumaa Aweso to address the problem of water shortage in Kasulu District especially in rural areas, citing Juhudi, Nyantale and Mdyanda Village which despite of the digging of water wells since 2021, water availability still a setback.

He also urged responsible authorities for power supply to solve the frequent power outages in the district.

Mr Mpango also urged citizens to conserve the environment via preserving, planting trees as well as maintain cleanliness with proper waste disposal such recycling rather than burning wastes, which emits greenhouse gases.

“All economic activities should observe environment conservations,” said the VP.

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