VP sets deadline for Tanga Port project

VICE-PRESIDENT Dr Philip Mpango has directed Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) to ensure that major improvement projects at the Tanga Port are completed by April 2023, so that it starts working efficiently and allow large ships to anchor.

The Vice-President issued the directives during his visit to inspect the progress of the construction of two port quays as well as the deepening of their depths from 3 to 13 metres at the Tanga Port.

He noted that the port improvement project is estimated at 429bn/- and is expected to increase efficiency of the port to serve 3 million tonnes annually from the current 750,000 tonnes.

“We want to see the construction work completed by April next year. This is one of the strategic ports and when completed will be able to attract more port users in the East African region,” said Dr Mpango.

The VP also instructed the Tanga Port Manager to quickly deal with complaints from traders on the performance of the port, including the time taken to discharge cargo passing through the port.

“Clients are complaining that it takes too long to discharge cargo at this port compared to others. The deficiencies in the port of Tanga have led some clients to opt for ports services elsewhere, and thus depriving the nation income that would have been used to serve the people,” he added.

Moreover, he instructed the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) to provide sufficient cooperation in the ongoing investigation of fire accident that gutted the Tanzania Revenue Authority’s (TRA) warehouse at the port.

“A thorough investigation is needed to identify all those involved in causing the loss that occurred following the fire accident,” he demanded.

Dr Mpango also used the occasion to remind TRA management to plug loopholes of revenue losses and increase scope of tax collection without harassing traders.

On the other hand, the Vice-President urged the defence and security organs as well as various institutions in the Tanga Region to cooperate in addressing various challenges raised, adding that they should work tirelessly to stop illicit drug trafficking and use, smuggling, illegal fishing, illegal immigration and human trafficking.

Equally, he instructed the Tanga Regional Commissioner (RC) Mr Omary Mgumba to ensure all those with issues raised by the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) report within the region are addressed, and to ensure that they come up with clarifications as soon as possible or else risk facing the wrath of the law.

Meanwhile, the Vice-President has encouraged religious leaders to continue promoting peace in the country, as well as praying for top leaders, so that they can lead the nation guided by God’s wisdom.

He insisted that religious leaders have made a great contribution to the peace and tranquility of the country through their religious teachings.

“The government values contribution of religious leaders in promoting peace due to the moral education they provide to the citizens and prayers they make to the leaders of the country,” he said.

The Vice-President made the remark early yesterday during the Holy Mass led by Father Thomas Kiangio at the Saint Anthony of Padua, Tanga Cathedral.

Dr Mpango also called on the citizens of Tanga Region to ensure that they continue promoting the existing peace by identifying and providing information on all those, who enter the region with the aim of committing crimes.

“The geographic location of Tanga Region attracts many people from outside the country, this include those who enter the country illegally as well as those with ill motives. It is, therefore, the responsibility of every citizen to provide information to the relevant authorities if they identify a criminal,” he added.

On the other hand, the VP urged the people to continue with the efforts of protecting the environment in battle with the climate change effects.

The Vice- President is on his visit to Tanga Region, where he is inspecting various development projects as well as listening to grievances and challenges facing the people.

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