VP Mpango advocates for emulating Lowassa’s leadership legacy

DAR ES SALAAM: Vice President Philip Mpango has urged current and aspiring leaders to emulate the exemplary leadership of former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa.
Describing Lowassa as a courageous visionary leader, Vice President Mpango highlighted his significant contributions to the nation’s development.
Speaking at the requiem mass held at the Karimjee grounds in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday, the VP emphasized Lowassa’s commitment to addressing water scarcity, particularly in central Tanzania, by initiating projects to tap into Lake Victoria as a water source.
“Lowassa’s life offers numerous lessons for Tanzanians. He was a staunch advocate for the interests of his constituents in Monduli and the nation as a whole. His initiatives, such as the water supply projects in Shinyanga, Tabora, Singida, and Dodoma, stand as proud testaments to his legacy,” he remarked.
“He was one of Tanzania’s most talented individuals who selflessly dedicated himself to serving the nation and its people. Lowassa served with unwavering dedication, utilizing his God-given gifts to advance the welfare of Tanzanians in various capacities. We honour his patriotism and immense contributions to our country’s development,” he added.
Retired Prime Minister Judge Joseph Warioba also praised Lowassa’s strong work ethic, noting that he was a man of action who demonstrated vision and prioritized tangible results.
Former Prime Minister Frederick Sumaye echoed these sentiments, describing Lowassa as a determined leader who pursued his goals relentlessly.
“He was a man of determination, whose decisive actions and wisdom in leadership are worthy of celebration,” Mr. Sumaye remarked.

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