VP insists on justice among Tanzanians

VICE-PRESIDENT Dr Philip Mpango has urged the believers and Tanzanians at large, to act and deliver justice in their daily lives, especially to the poor citizens in order to have a united and peaceful nation.

Dr Mpango made the plea immediately after he participated in a church service at the Cathedral of St Karoli Lwanga Catholic Diocese of Kahama, on Tuesday.

“Justice should start at the family level, unity at family level and later among Tanzanians is an important factor which will lead to development of the nation. This is not a one-day process, it needs tolerance and good plans to ensure unity among ourselves,” the VP said.

He also encouraged the residents of Kahama to use the available resources for fostering the country’s development.

Among other means, Dr Mpango encouraged them to plant trees that will help to protect the environment.

He further called on religious leaders and believers to continue to pray for the national leaders so that God’s wisdom is instilled in them and treat Tanzanians with justice as well as bring the desired development.

The VP was on a visit to Shinyanga Region to lay the foundation stone for the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) construction project from Tabora to Isaka. The event to lay the foundation stone was held on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the VP has directed public leaders in Shinyanga Region to ensure funds allocated to the region for realising development projects are well managed and spent to bring about development for the people.

He said this while talking to public leaders in the Shinyanga Region. He told public servants to take good care of the medical equipment that were purchased for health care centres as well as ensuring that medicines reach the people in need.

Dr Mpango added that it was the responsibility of every leader to supervise and maintain the quality of projects, so that the value for money can be seen in those projects.

Similarly, the vice-president urged the leaders in Shinyanga as well as in other Lake zone regions to ensure that child labour at Mining sites is stopped and all children should go to school.

He further reminded leaders in the region insisting on issues of nutrition through provision of education to the members of the public at places including houses of worship, schools and others.

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