VP hails church contribution in serving people with special needs

VICE-PRESIDENT Dr Philip Mpango has said that the government recognises and appreciates the contribution of the church and other religious institutions in serving people with special needs.

He also urged religious institutions to continue helping the needy in society, especially orphans, people with disabilities, the poor, widows, prisoners and those with various problems.

The Vice-President made remarks when he represented President Samia Suluhu Hassan, at the Jubilee Service of 125 years of evangelism of Catholic Church Iringa Arch Diocese and 50 Years of Priesthood of Arch Bishop Tarcisius Ngalalekumtwa held in Kichangani grounds, Iringa.

“The government appreciates the great contribution of the Catholic Church in strengthening access to various community services, especially health and education… For example, through the famous Tosamaganga Secondary School, Mafinga Seminary and Konsolata Seminary, we have been able to get many experts and leaders inside and outside the government,” he pointed out.

Elaborating, Dr Mpango also called upon believers of all religions to build a habit of helping people in need in the society and avoid sinful accumulation of wealth.

Likewise, he urged the citizens to recognise the government’s efforts in dealing with the effects of environmental damage and climate change, adding that the determinations will not be successful if the public will not change their behaviours, but take deliberate steps to protect and preserve the environment.

“Our life in this world is facing the threat of climate change and environmental destruction… There have been various national and international efforts to deal with the climate change and the effects of environmental damage, but there are still no satisfactory results,” Dr Mpango said.

He said that the state of environmental damage can be seen in the disappearance of water sources, disposal of solid waste and pollution of sea beaches.

“My advice to religious leaders and believers of all religions is to consider the teachings of our faith, especially regarding our responsibility to take good care of the earth entrusted to us by God,” further said the VP.

Equally, he called upon religious leaders in the country to use the opportunity of information and communication technology to rebuke false teachings and to preach the true word of God.

He added: “Religious leaders should continue to encourage believers to work hard while asking God to bless the work of their hands and their minds.”

On the other hand, Dr MPango urged all believers of various religious faiths to be an example by living a life that is compatible with the teachings they propagate so as to decrease growing moral decay in the society.

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