VP: Avoid selling unripe avocados to tap wider market

THE Vice-President Dr Philip Mpango has urged farmers in Njombe Region to desist from selling unripe avocados in order to meet the global market requirement and demand.

He said farmers unripe avocados’ selling derail efforts for the country to sufficiently serve and continue winning the global market.

Dr Mpango made the statement yesterday, while addressing citizens at Makambako in Njombe Region on his way to working visit in Ruvuma Region.

Equally, he directed the Ministry of Agriculture to closely monitor sale of agricultural produce in the country, in order to protect the local market, while also extending reach to global market.

He also called upon farmers and buyers of the crop to observe appropriate measurement(s), while trading for mutual profit to make all stakeholders in the agriculture production chain gain.

Dr Mpango also tasked the ministry to carry out countrywide detailed survey on fertiliser demand in all areas growing food crops.

Moreover, he directed the regional authorities to keep on providing education to the citizens on the demerits of selling unripe avocados.

On the other side, he commended the Njombe residents for conserving the environment, while advising them to avoid burning trees in order to enhance vegetation in the region as the country battles the climatic change effects.

To ensure alternative energy use in the country, Dr Mpango urged the citizens especially women to form entrepreneurship groups, which will ease effort to make coal energy as replacement to charcoal, which trigger trees felling.

Additionally, he called upon parents to ensure their children attend to schools and get a balanced diet for their mental and physical wellbeing, saying it is by doing so, the country can have energetic, bright and proactive workforce to spearhead economic production.

In a related development, Dr Mpango also urged citizens to continue protecting themselves against sexual transmitted diseases including the HIV/AIDS.

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