Volleyball league rolls into play off stage

TANZANIA National Volleyball League reaches the playoffs stage early next week in Dar es Salaam.

The playoff matches to involve group leaders and runner-ups will be held from October 3rd to 7th at Uhuru Stadium courts in Dar es Salaam.

On the men’s side, Kiut will meet Tanesco, while Jeshi Stars will play against Chui.

On the women’s side, Magereza will lock horns with  Star Girls while Jeshi Stars meet Kuit.

Before heading to the playoffs, the men’s side saw Kuit commanding Group A.

Kuit finished the group race as leader after bagging 27 points, picking nine wins and a defeat in the ten games they played, and accumulating 864 scores.

Jeshini Stars took second after grabbing 23 points in the ten games. They won eight, lost twice, and collected a total of 843 scores in those matches.

Hazina Volleyball club registered 16 points in ten games at the third position.

They won six, lost four and earned 818 scores.

Kilimagnet took fourth place after lodging 14 points in their ten game-onslaught.

They have won five, lost five and collected a total score of 922.

Mipango took fifth place after attaining five points in ten games. They won a game and lost the rest, they have got 750 scores.

Kigamboni grabbed sixth place after accumulating four points from ten matches.

They won only one game and lost all the other games. They scored a total of 718.

Chui commanded Group B with 27 points from ten games.

They won nine, lost one and collected 819 scores.

Tanesco are second with 22 points after winning seven games and losing three.

NHIF took third place after accumulating 15 points from 10 games; they won five and lost five.

Nyika took fourth place with 12 points after playing ten games; they won four games and lost six.

The second from the bottom are Segerenti with eight points in 10 games, they have won three games and lost seven.

At the bottom are Faru with six points, they have won two and lost eight games.

Magereza took first in Group A with 15 points on the ladies’ discipline after playing six games, winning five, and losing one.

Jeshi Stars are placed second with 15 points after playing six games. They have won 5 games and lost a single match.

Mafinga Parish are third place after earning five points from six games. They have won two and lost four matches.

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) team are placed at the bottom with a point, losing all the games.

Group B witnessed the Kuit team commanding authority after earning 15 points from six games.The have won five games and lost four games, while the Star Girls are second place after getting 14 points from 6 games. They have won five and lost one game.

Golden Wings are placed fourth with seven points after playing six matches. They have won two and lost six matches.

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