VETA to offer training on economic activities

AS part of the 64 new Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) colleges being constructed in various parts of the country, workshops will also be built for training in economic activities, including agriculture.

Professor Adolf Mkenda, Minister for Education, Science and Technology, said this in response to a basic question from Kalenga MP Jackson Kiswaga (CCM), who wanted to know when the government would make agriculture a compulsory subject in Technical Colleges.

In response, he stated that the government understood the significance of vocational colleges in providing education that concentrated on the economic activities of the relevant regions and the country as a whole to allow the public to fully utilise the opportunities and resources offered in the nation.

Before the establishment of vocational studies, “the government, through the VETA, has been conducting a feasibility study to determine an appropriate training to be provided in the colleges based on the opportunities and resources available in the respective areas,” he noted.

Prof Mkenda said Agriculture is among the courses offered in Kihonda, Dakawa, Katavi, Arusha and Manyara Vocational Colleges.

In addition, he said in the new 64 district colleges that are being built, there will include a workshop building for each college to provide training that will focus on economic activities in the relevant areas,  including agriculture.

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