US pledges to strengthen ties with Tanzania

TANZANIA: The United States has committed to expanding its relations with Tanzania in the coming years.

According to the US Ambassador to Tanzania, Michael Battle, it was an honor for him to attend the 60th-anniversary celebrations of Zanzibar Revolution held at the Amaan Sports Complex on Friday.

The US diplomat made the statement on his X account (formerly Twitter) shortly after participating in the historic and colorful celebrations.

“We join them in recognizing and celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Zanzibar Revolution. The United States values our long and enduring friendship and partnership with the people of Zanzibar, and we wish all Tanzanians a happy Zanzibar Revolution Day,” Ambassador Battle posted.

Following the Ambassador’s post, a Member of Parliament for Mahonda, Zanzibar, Mr. Abdullah Mwinyi, was thrilled by the message as he welcomed the envoy to Zanzibar.

“Karibu Zanzibar Mheshimiwa Balozi [Honorable Ambassador, Welcome to Zanzibar],” the politician reacted to Ambassador Battle’s post.

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