Uphold revolution spirit, Biteko appeals

ZANZIBAR: DEPUTY Prime Minister Dr Doto Biteko has asked Tanzanians to honour and respect 1964 Revolution of Zanzibar as the best way to pay tribute to the nation’s founders.

The deputy Prime Minister made the plea over the weekend when speaking to residents of Zanzibar ahead of the Revolution Day on Friday this week.

“It is our duty as citizens to uphold the glorious revolution of Zanzibar by fostering patriotism, developing the nation’s economy, and living up to it; thus, when the time comes for future generations to come celebrate this revolution, they will look back on a better Zanzibar and declare that our predecessors made a great move,” he pointed out.

He further explained: “One of the things to be proud of as a country is solidarity, and that means that we shouldn’t allow anyone to divide us on any grounds.”

He added that, instead, development should bring people together, and differences in political views, religious beliefs, and tribal affiliations shouldn’t force a section to be isolated, rather brought together for the sake of Tanzania as a nation.

He said that on January 12, which is Zanzibar’s Revolution Day, all Tanzanians should pray for President Samia Suluhu Hassan and Dr Hussein Mwinyi, the president of Zanzibar so that they continue leading effectively, bolster national prosperity and bring Tanzanians together.

Dr Biteko was speaking at the ‘Umoja-Ni-Nguvu grounds in Pemba South, where he laid a foundation stone for the construction of Office and Residential Houses for the Immigration officers in the area.

Speaking on the launched buildings, Dr Biteko said it was one of the benefits of the 1964 Zanzibar Revolution, adding that prior to the revolution, people were denied their basic rights, citing some as possession of passports and other travel documents, visa information and residential permits among others.

The Zanzibar Revolution occurred in January 1964 and led to the overthrow of the Sultan of Zanzibar and his mainly Arab government.

Likewise, Dr Biteko advised the leadership on the Immigration Department in the country to construct more modern offices and residential houses for its officers countrywide.

He noted that the 12th January 1964 which brought to end the colonial-backed government, also made it possible for the people of both sides of the Union to move and live freely within the boundaries of the United Republic of Tanzania.

“Let us celebrate because the fruits of the revolution are many including providing room for the late first President of Zanzibar Abeid Amani Karume and the late President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, to work closely for the benefit of their citizens,” he said.

Dr Biteko said the goal of the Union, among others, is to improve various services for the citizens, including immigration services such as travel documents for abroad.

Earlier, the Principal Secretary (PS)- Office of the Second Vice-President, Dr Islam Seif Salum, said that the construction, when completed, will have offices to offer all services.

He explained that the construction started in August 2022, and was expected to end one year later, but due to various reasons, it was delayed and completed in December last year.

“The construction of these buildings reflects the funds that were allocated for the work, because it has met the required standards,” he explained.

On his part, the Deputy Minister for Home Affairs in the Union government, Mr Jumanne Sagini, said the revolution has set another new history by the construction of the office and accommodation for Immigration officials.

He thanked the Union President Samia Suluhu Hassan for providing funds for the project and also releasing funds for the construction of Immigration District and Regional Offices throughout the country.

“We should be grateful to Dr Samia as she has approved 1,741 jobs for the Immigration Department, as well as promotions of 2,824 different Immigration Officers in the country,” he explained.

Commissioner General of Immigration Dr Anna Makakala, said that the Department continues to implement the instructions from the top leaders in the country, adding: “We have been going on well in developing the department.”

Commenting, Pemba South Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Mattar Zahor Massoud, said the construction of the office and the residential houses was one of the fruits of the Union.

The project, through the Bench Mark Engineering Company under the consultancy of the Zanzibar Building Agency (ZBA) was estimated to cost 1.53bn/-.

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