Union, Zanzibar water authorities tasked to resolve water complaints

ZANZIBAR : THE Minister for Water in the Union government Mr Jumaa Aweso and his Zanzibar counterpart Mr Shaibu Hassan Kaduara have tasked water authorities to ensure frequent complaints related to water services from customers are resolved.

Speaking at different occasions at the five-day meeting for directors and senior executives for water customers services from all regions in Mainland, Unguja and Pemba, the ministers raised their voices demanding ends of water blues, and complaints.

“We must ensure that provision of clean water to our all regions and villages are reliable and sustainable. Customer care is important and avoid being rude to customers,” Mr Aweso said when closing the annual meeting for water directors held for the first time in the Isles.

Minister emphasized collaboration among them, and that the ministers are committed to work together to end water shortage, and provide better services to the people.

He said the directors meeting was important thus he instructed those who were supposed to participate in the meeting but failed to do so, “Must write to me to explain why they should net be disciplined for their absence.

He said that his ministry is implementing several water projects that will end the shortage in the near future, urging the directors and senior executives from all regions to carry out needs assessment and focus more on achieving the goal.

Mr Kaduara asked the directors if they were satisfied with his and Mr Aweso leadership and cooperations in the Ministries, and that they are happy working as a team, the directors should ensure the problem of water accessibility ends. “Both Samia and Mwinyi have injected enough funds for the water projects, let us ensure water is available to all people,” he said.

Principal Secretary (PS) Zanzibar Ministry of Water, Energy and Minerals Mr Joseph Kilangi said the water authorities’ directors are here to help leaders in achieving the government’s mission of providing clean water services to its citizens.

Mr Benard Biswalo from Mainland, who chaired the meeting said that the aim of the gathering was to share experience from the authorities as well as discussing ways to overcome obstacles that hinder better provision of water services.

Eng Dr Salha Mohamed- Director, Zanzibar Water Authority (ZAWA) said Zanzibar is also on track to complete huge projects that will see many areas of Zanzibar have enough supply of water.

She said that accessing financial resources, rapid population increase, and illegal water connection are some of the challenges water authorities faces.

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