Union progress thrills CCM in Zanzibar

TANZANIA: CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Deputy Secretary General (Zanzibar) Dr Mohamed Said Dimwa has said the party is satisfied with efforts being undertaken by both the governments of Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar under President Samia Suluhu Hassan and Dr Hussein Mwinyi respectively to heighten the Union.

Dr Dimwa said the Union continues to make a ground breaking record of existing for many years in comparison to other unions in Africa and worldwide which lasted for few years.

He said such a remarkable existence of the Union is due to unwavering efforts of all governments in upholding its core objectives of its formation.

Dr Dimwa disclosed the party’s satisfaction in an interview held recently in which he noted that concerted efforts from all governments have yielded socio-economic revolution.

More significantly, he said both Presidents Samia and Dr Mwinyi have strengthened regional and international diplomatic relations.

He reminded that the Union which was signed on April 26, 1964 by the Founding Fathers Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and Sheikh Abeid Karume is turning 60 with palpable achievements in Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland.

Furthermore, Dr Dimwa said the significant achievements have been scaled up by all heads of states in different government phases in Zanzibar and Tanzania.

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He said all the heads of states have been cherishing the national values encompassing unity, peace and solidarity.

In another development, he appreciated Dr Samia and Dr Mwinyi for maintaining good cooperation in undertaking various matters pertaining to heightening the Union.

“The CCM Election Manifesto of 2020/2025 Article 246 (b) stresses on the necessities for consolidating the Union. Therefore, the Union is our priority, we must protect it by actions and whatever it takes,” he said.

Adding “the Union has been benefiting all citizens by considering our common historical background, our daily lives in generating income and catching socio-economic opportunities,”

Moreover, he said the development of democracy in the country has been catalysed by leaders and citizens’ political consciousness and determination.

In that regard, he called upon the country’s academicians and citizens at large to apply their political determination in adding answers to various emerging challenges pertaining the Union.

However, he noted that the Union was built on safeguarding political, economic and social interests of the two merged parties.

Dr Dimwa urged citizens regardless of their political difference to continue supporting efforts including good economic policies being undertaken by the government in order to strengthen the Union.

Highlighting the achievement of the Union in Zanzibar, he said since its formation in 1964 the archipelago remained a sovereign state while collaborating with the Union Republic of Tanzania only in Union matters as stipulated in the country’s constitution.

On top of that, he said citizens have been enjoying free movement in all parties of the Union.

“There has been strengthening of brotherhood, peace, tranquility and solidarity among citizens of the two countries. It is a great step as currently there is no any indication of conflict that may culminate into political violence,” he said.

He further noted that, there is an impressive improvement in terms of job opportunities availability and trade development.

Dr Dimwa said CCM in Zanzibar keeps on upholding its core values of ensuring good governance, rule of law, accountability and justice in bid of assuring citizens’ benefit with the Union.

He said within the Union CCM will deliver its Election Manifesto so as to improve citizens’ livelihood and the archipelago economic transformation at large.

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