UN pushes for awareness creation about slavery  

THE United Nations in collaboration with Kibasila and Nzasa high schools have marked the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade by visiting the Central Slavery Centre in Bagamoyo.

Speaking during the occasion, the UN National Information Officer Ms Nafisa Didi said the UN believes in spreading the knowledge to young generation because they are the future leaders who will tell the other generation how slavery was barbaric and against human rights.

“We love teaching students the history of Africa in practice, as  we remember this day we have decide to let these students come and visit this historical site and learn what exactly happened over the 400 years of slavery in Africa,” she explained

Ms Didi said “we should invest in students because they are the future leaders who will lead the nation so it will be easy to avoid the occurrence of another catastrophe in near future.

She argued that it is important for everyone to get  education about slavery , not only students, even elders should be reminded about slavery how it started, its existence and how Africans were humiliated  through  the business.

“If you go back to history, we are told slavery existed for 400 years and it was something that humiliated human dignity and rights, so it is important for everyone to learn how serious slavery was, its impacts and know how Africa lost its man power,” Ms Didi said

The YUNA Communications Officer Ms Agnes Kabissa said during slavery, Africa lost manpower and human rights were violated and human dignity was not respected.

Many Africans were denied their rights to choose the work they wanted, exploration was the most difficult of all and Africans were made cargo vessels by the Arabs.

“Slavery is the reason for the African nation’s retreat in terms of development as we lost manpower and many were killed during slavery but also humanity was not taken into account so it was something that took away all human rights from Africans and should no longer be accepted,” she said.

Ms Kabissa said it is good to commemorate this day, by letting youth know where we came from, where we are and where we are going. Practical learning helps to know more about how to avoid such kind of inhuman business in the future.

She noted that the abolition of slave trade helped restore respect to many Africans, human rights were respected and observed but we also enjoyed freedom to work, speak without coercion and helped bring development to the African continent.

On other hand, the Chairperson of UN-Club at Kibasila High school Mr Mohammed Karata said slavery was contrary to all basic human rights, Africans were chosen because they seemed capable of working hard and were able to endure every evil.

He said the abolition of slavery in Africa helped  to bring the pace of development back to Africa but it also helped to realize that Africans are brighter than them and are able to work which is why most of what is done outside the African continent came from Africa.

Mr Karata said “it is good to have self awareness on how to fight against forms of oppression; we should also learn the history of Africa and visit different historical sites to know more.”

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