UN ambassador commits support to needy

DAR ES SALAAM UNITED Nations Ambassador to Tanzania and Philanthropist, Ami Inbar has expressed commitment to supporting children and others in poor families.

Mr Inbar is well-known for his major contribution to social welfare and sustainable development.

He is the founder of the Nau Charitable Fund and a prominent participant in preserving nations’ unique identities.

While Inbar’s work has taken him to Ukraine, Israel, Greece and Dubai, his work with the Marvellous Foundation stands out.

The Marvellous Foundation, based in New York City, is poised to make a significant effect in Africa, particularly Tanzania and Kenya, through its commitment to giving food, education and healthcare to children in need and adults.

“My group and I went to meet with the Maasai, residents of the Arusha Region. They had certain difficulties associated with water supply, food, medicine and animal husbandry. We have delivered the essentials, that is, medicines, food and beverages and bought 20 cows for them, which will allow them to eat dairy products. In such arid regions, people really need help,” Mr Inbar stated.

He also supports nine children from single-parent families of Maasai to pay school fees at O’Brien School located
between Moshi and Arusha, hence allowing children to continue with education.

“It is very important for their future. At school, children are given uniforms, shoes and they are fed,” he said.

His participation with IIMSAM, an intergovernmental UN observer, he also demonstrates his commitment to reducing malnutrition in developing nations.

Inbar’s leadership in the Marvellous Foundation demonstrates his commitment to global sustainable development and social welfare while he navigates the challenges of diplomacy and philanthropy.

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