UK pugilist’s tour boosts lady boxers 

RENOWNED UK boxing sensation, Natasha Jonas has demonstrated her generosity towards Tanzanian boxers during her recent visit to the country.

With a mission to fortify the strength of the boxing scene, Jonas engaged with amateur boxers to discuss strategies and challenges they encounter in their journey towards substantial achievements.

Speaking directly to the amateur boxers, Jonas provided motivation and professional advice rooted in her international experience.

“I understand the challenges that can arise in this sport, but nothing is insurmountable with effort and dedication. I am here to encourage you and ensure that you give your all in every training session and bout,” she stated.

“The boxing training camps here in Tanzania offer a great opportunity to enhance your skills in an ideal learning environment. I’ve pledged to collaborate with you in these camps, to help build a strong foundation for your future successes,” said Jonas.

“From my time in the boxing ring, I learned that success doesn’t come by chance. It’s your efforts and determination that will take you far. I’ve witnessed immense potential among you and I believe you can achieve even greater heights,” she narrated.

Makore Mashaga, the Secretary General of the Boxing Federation of Tanzania (BFT) said “We firmly believe that the involvement of this boxer will bring positive changes to our boxing scene.” Her commitment and professional knowledge set an example for our boxers.

“We encourage our fellow boxers to make the most of this opportunity, learn diligently and showcase their existing capabilities.”

“The visit by Natasha Jonas has ignited a fresh wave of enthusiasm among Tanzanian boxers, leading to increased zeal and passion towards training and competitions. Through unity and cooperation, these boxers have the potential to achieve remarkable success and bring honour to their country on the international boxing stage,” Mashaga said.

Among the domestic boxers who participated in the discussions was Halima Ramadhani ‘Vunja Bei’ who shared her sentiments after the exchange, she said: “Hearing words of motivation from a boxer has reinvigorated me. I’ve learned the significance of dedication and perseverance, even when faced with challenges.

“The impact of Natasha Jonas’ visit has resonated deeply among Amateur boxers, igniting their determination to attain greater accomplishments in the realm of boxing. Inspired by the contributions of this international boxer, Tanzanian boxers have shown a commitment to amplifying their efforts and learning, further enriching this captivating sport,” remarked Halima.

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