Uhuru torch race fore-runner tells wananchi to be patriotic

THE 2022 National Uhuru Torch race fore-runner, Mr Sahili Nyanzabara has urged Tanzanians to continue being patriotic and cooperate with government in execution of development projects.

Mr Nyanzabara made the remarks at different occasions during the Uhuru Torch race in Mpanda and Mlele districts in Katavi Region.

“I call upon Tanzanians from all walks of life to support the government in development, everyone must be patriotic and nationalist,” he emphasized.

He further said that the government is committed to continuing providing funds for financing various development projects to ensure the sustainability of health, education, water services to the citizens.

“I call citizens to continue having trust in the government because the government is processing with the implementation of various developments schemed in efforts to make sure the sustainability of social services provided to the citizens,” he noted.

Equally, he called on residents in Katavi Region to properly manage development projects implemented in their precincts.

“The government is looking funds to implement various projects which are very profitable for the people, I suggest everyone take care of them,” stressed Mr Nyanzabara.

On her side, Katavi Regional Commissioner (RC) Ms Mwanamvua Mrindoko said the Uhuru torch during its race in the region toured, inspected, launched and laid foundations to 39 development projects valued some more than 8.0bn/-.

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