Ugandan mining experts learn innovative tech at Geita Expo

GEITA: THE Ministry of Mines in Uganda has expressed satisfaction at the ongoing activities at the 6th Geita Mining and Technology Exhibition after notably acquiring new techniques in mining at the Geita Gold Mine Ltd (GGML) pavilion.

Drawing a diverse range of stakeholders, including officials from the ministry, the delegates had the opportunity to learn how the company employs modern technology in its underground and open pit mining operations.

Inspector of Mines in the Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines for Eastern Uganda, Morris Tabaaro who headed the delegation said Tanzania mining industry has a lot for the neighbouring countries to acquire in safe and secure mining.

He further said that their visit was not only to share experiences, but also to gain knowledge about the company’s methods in minerals’ exploration and mining, be it at the open pit or underground.

Informing the team on how they conduct mining activities at the site, GGML Underground, Long-Term Planning Engineer Emmanuel Njabugeni said their mining advancement demonstrates safety concerns that Tanzania’s leadership envisions.

He further said that in their mining practices, they follow standard and well-established guidelines that see into it that every employee goes home well.

Elaborating, Eng Njabugeni, with over 15 years of experience in the mining industry said that the exhibition is an initiative that educates stakeholders, especially small-scale miners on how to apply modern technologies in mining, notably to reduce mining costs and protect the environment.

He added: “We have made significant progress in technology, including the Studio UG software for underground mining, as well as other technologies that we demonstrated to our Ugandan colleagues, highlighting the benefits they can reap.

“Our colleagues from Uganda had the opportunity to learn a lot from us here in Tanzania, particularly from GGML – the largest gold mine not only in Tanzania but in East and Central Africa.

“GGML is at the forefront of technology and environmental conservation, which is why I have instructed our Ugandan peers on how these practices are implemented in mining while preserving the environment. This approach has greatly benefited us as well as the wider community.

“I clarified that we employ research companies in Geita. For example, at GGML, we rely on the services of Capital Mining Services to provide us with data which determines whether a profit or loss will be made. The price of gold, the equipment and the cost of human resources, as well as expenses like hole filling and environmental safety, all factor into this analysis,” he said.

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