UDOM emphasises on student-employer interaction 

UNIVERSITY of Dodoma (UDOM) students have been advised to take advantage of the opportunity of interacting with their prospective employers at the Career Fair events.

Speaking during the opening of the latest Career Fair held at UDOM on Saturday, the Director of UDOM Undergraduate Studies, Dr Victor Marealle said the main objective of the event is to help students understand the employers’ needs.

“We conduct the Career Fair to help our students understand what are the skills and qualities the job market wants by hooking them up with different companies and institutions, it helps them understand the demand of the employment industry and prepare accordingly,’’ said Dr Marealle.

Dr Marealle added that through the Career Fair, the University also gets an opportunity to understand what the employment industry wants and oversee how to improve the curriculum to ensure that education provided to students fits the market.

“It is now time to link what we teach with the needs of the employment industry, through events like this we look at the needs of employers and that helps us improve our curricula so that what we teach students is in line with the needs of employers, something that will help them find employment easily once they complete their studies,” he said.

On his part the UDOM Confucius Institute Co-Director, Huo Yu Zhou said through such events, the institution helps Chinese companies operating in the country to find the right employees.

“Confucius Institute is offering a Bachelor Degree in Chinese language. By bringing students together with Chinese companies and other local companies and Institutions, we help students find job opportunities but also help companies to find employees with the required qualifications, we are creating a win-win situation,” he said.

“There are many Chinese companies working in the country and in order for them to work and perform efficiently they need Tanzanians who understand the Chinese language as translators and operators in different positions among whom are our students,” he said.

Some of the prospective employers who attended this event include Chinese companies operating in the country such as BCEG DODOMA MSALATO and SYNOHYDRO DODOMA that are constructing the Msalato International Airport as well as CHICO, KEDA and HUAWEI Tanzania companies.

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