TZ@62: Johnnie Walker salutes 62 years of Tanzania independence

DAR ES SALAAM: In a celebrating of the national independence, Johnnie Walker proudly commemorates 62 years of Tanzania’s unity with the invigorating campaign, “Keep Walking Tanzania” and by installing Johnnie Walker statue at the Tanzanite tower.

Head of Spirits at SBL, Irene Mutiganzi says: “As we reflect on the remarkable journey since gaining independence, Johnnie Walker embraces the spirit of perseverance that has shaped Tanzania into a beacon of strength and unity.

“Heralded by the theme: ‘Keep Walking Tanzania’ campaign, we toast to the nation’s achievements, diversity, and the shared commitment to move forward together.”

SBL reaffirmed its commitment to keep walking towards a future of innovation, inclusivity, and continued success through their favored brand, Johnnie Walker which believes in the power of progress, echoing the sentiment that each step forward contributes to the collective strides of a nation.

Irene says, ‘as we raise our glasses in tribute, let us all embrace the spirit of “Keep Walking Tanzania” — a mantra that resonates with the nation’s unwavering commitment to progress, excellence, and a future filled with limitless possibilities. Cheers to 62 years of independence, and to many more steps forward with Johnnie Walker walking side by side’.

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