TZ remembers iconic Sokoine

IN marking thirty-nine years anniversary of the death of former Prime Minister the late Edward Moringe Sokoine, the nation recounts the leadership of the iconic leader as a no-nonsense and result oriented leader, who relentlessly fought corruption while strengthening integrity in the public service.

The former Prime Minister’s style can be reflected in the present administration as the government is working to ensure full development of people and the country in general.

Former National Assembly Speaker Pius Msekwa reminiscing about the life of the former PM, described him as a strong, result- oriented leader.

“He was, basically, ‘a man of action’ and his loyalty and commitment to serve the people was unquestionable; for he often undertook personal supervision in the process of implementing the major decisions, or directives, which were being made or issued by the ruling party and its government,” said Mr Msekwa.

According to him, the great contribution of the late Sokoine due to his tenacity, focus and stand as a leader in managing work, development agriculture sector, Patriotism and hatred of corruption still lives on.

Commenting on the same, a seasoned economists-cum-banker, Dr Hildebrand Shayo emphasised that the late Sokoine in his time as Prime Minister was not only accountable for aiding and advising the president, the then Julius Nyerere in the distribution of work of the government to various ministries and offices and government truly allocation for resources within the government.

He observed that among areas that echoes the mind of many who knew him was his leadership style in chairing meetings in which the government deliberated policies and examined bills and proposed laws.

Besides, he was an instrument in advising Mwalimu Nyerere in selecting members of the government to lead strategic public offices with one common agenda on how to drive Tanzanians out of poverty hence in deciding government policy.

“Truly, in his time the former Premier acted as the chief government spokesperson in overseeing the national agenda agreed upon was being implemented. President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan’s efforts to deal with corruption and those stealing public funds for their own interest echo work carried out by Sokoine,” noted Dr Shayo.

He added that “For those who can recall, Sokoine initiated what was known as “Operation Pambana na Wahujumu Uchumi ” which was very fruitful.

He managed to bring order by clearing briberies, grand corruptions, embezzlements of government funds, and bureaucracies in a very short time.”

Expounding further, Dr Shayo noted that the ex-PM never feared anyone in his endeavour to escalate the high rate of black and white colour organized crimes, saying: “Sokoine was a big name in his time in office and will remain popular for many centuries to come because he was truly a leader who did great things for the nation of Tanzania.”

Annually since 1992, the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) commemorates the death anniversary of the iconic leader due to his hard-working spirit and always fought for development and prosperity in the agricultural sector and food security for Tanzanians especially in rural areas.

Mr Sokoine died in a motor vehicle accident along the Dodoma-Dar es Salaam highway, after attending a National Assembly session in the designated national capital. The accident occurred at Wami-Dakawa in Morogoro when the car in which he was travelling, a Mercedes Benz sedan, was rammed head-on by a Toyota Land-Cruiser (J- 40 model) which was reportedly being driven by a South African ‘freedom fighter’, one ‘Dumisan  Dube.’

The late Sokoine was a historical ‘two-term’ Prime Minister of Tanzania having first served from February 13, 1977 to November 7, 1980 and then again from February 24, 1983 until his unfortunate death on the 12th of April 1984 (coincidentally it was also on Thursday). He was 45 years old when he died and left behind two wives and several children.

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