TZ Ladies set for Kenya Open conquest

THREE Tanzania golfers are heading to Kenyan capital, Nairobi ahead of the Kenya Amateur Ladies Golf Open this weekend.

The Stroke Play Championship is scheduled to tee off from tomorrow to May 14th this year at Muthaiga Golf Club in Nairobi, Kenya.

The 54- hole battle brings together top ladies’ golfers from around the globe.

Tanzania Ladies Golf Union (TLGU) competition secretary, Hawa Wanyeche  told the ‘Daily News’ on Wednesday that the three ladies have already confirmed participation and are now on the way to the battlefield.

She named Madina Iddi, Vicky Elias and Rachel Mushi as players involved in the mission to conquer this year’s Kenya Ladies Open.

“We have received confirmation from three Tanzanian golfers and they have requested travelling permission from National Sports Council (NSC),” she said.

Wanyeche, who is one of the country’s top players, said she won’t  play in this tournament, but said the three envoys are good players who can represent well the country.

One of the golfers, Madina Iddi told this paper that she has been working hard during the practice and said she is ready for the tough competition.

“It is one of the highly challenging events that bring together top ladies from around East Africa and beyond.

“But I am used to it and ready to calm nerves and bring best results,” she said.

Like Madina, Vicky and Rachel have conducted an intensive raining ready for the battle.

Madina stands in the way of Kenyan’s top like Naomi Wafula and others as she seeks to sweep the second Kenya ladies’ open title.

She is seeking her second title at one of the most prestigious lady golf tournaments having won it in 2015.

Madina won the Kenya Amateur Ladies Golf Open Stroke Play Championship by three strokes at the Sigona Golf Club in Nairobi, Kenya.

Madina, who is one of the leading lady golfers in Tanzania, carded 82,77,77 over 54 holes at the par 72 course and won her first tournament in 2015.

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