‘TZ is one, indivisible’

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has assured  citizens that Tanzania is one and indivisible, expressing her commitment to ensure the development of the country is a key priority on the national agenda.

The President disclosed this shortly after arriving in Mwanza for a three-day working visit, insisting that she will do everything in her powers to make sure Tanzania is neither divisible nor for sale.

“Talking here is a Tanzanian woman, I will do everything in my jurisdiction for Tanzania to forge ahead…it’s our development that matters and what is being done is solely for the growth of the country,” said President Samia.

She added: “Globally, there is only one Tanzania. Therefore, we are all responsible for building our country …as hawkers our key role is to build the country. We must place the country where it deserves in all spheres of the economy.”

Earlier, President Samia observed that she was in Mwanza to mark two years of being crowned as Chief Hangaya, who is the ‘Chief of the Chiefs’ along with presiding over the event that will go hand in hand with Bulabo ceremony ( a Sukuma tradition that upholds culture).

Besides the ceremony, she is also in the region to inspect various development projects which are being implemented and especially have firsthand information of their status.

Among the projects are Kigongo-Busisi, a grand hotel built with social security fund and construction of various ships and others, adding: “I have released a lot of money for development projects in Mwanza.”

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