TZ has no indigenous people – UNESCO Commission

NEW YORK: TANZANIA delegation to the 23rd session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) concluded in New York City earlier this week has stressed that there are no indigenous people in Tanzania.

The delegation was led by the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the United Nation Educational and Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Professor Hamisi Malebo and other delegates were from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) and UNESCOTanzania.

Prof Malebo emphasized that Tanzania is home to all people from across the world which were initial residents of the natural areas including those which were invaded and kept under colonialists.

He highlighted that Tanzania prior to its liberation efforts and independence in 1961, once was under Germany and Britain colonialism.

Prof Malebo said before the independence, the country had a diverse of citizens from over 120 tribes who lived in the area that is currently known as Tanzania for over 5000 years.

He said Tanzania after regaining its independence strengthened peace, unity and solidarity among all citizens resulting in to elimination of ethnical discrimination and tribalism.

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Prof Malebo said the country further has defined clearly in its constitution that there is no special group of people who are indigenous citizens.

“There is no tribe which is better than another and there is no tribalism” Prof Malebo said.

He said all citizens are united under common cultural heritage, custom and values including the Kiswahili language.

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