TZ calls for restoring civilian rules, address terrorism

TANZANIA has expressed a need for the Council of African Ministers of Peace and Security to work accurately in restoring civilian rule and address terrorism.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Dr Stergomena Tax made the call yesterday when participating in a virtual meet for council of African Ministers for peace and security.

The meeting was held to discuss development and de-radicalisation as levers to counter terrorism and violent extremism held under the chair of Morocco.

She said Africans need a comprehensive approach which will feature tactical and military efforts as well as fundamental issues to address the root causes of terrorism and radicalisation.

“For the move to be fully implemented, African countries need to bring on board all players from the private sector and financial institutions,” he said.

She said Tanzania is hoping that the outcomes of the meeting will serve to strengthen Africa Union’s collective resolve on addressing the persistence and spread of terrorism.

“It’s time for the council to do its utmost to promote implementation of the Convention on the Prevention and Combatting of Terrorism and all resolutions in relation to counter-terrorism,” she noted.

According to her, Tanzania believes that there is need for stronger coordination and cooperation, intelligence sharing and capacity building among countries, Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and Regional Counter-Terrorism Centres.



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