Tanzanian clubs receive FIFA transfer ban

FIFA has suspended new comers in the Premier League Kitayosce and Championship League side Fountain Gate from sealing international deals.

The world soccer governing body’s  decision comes after former coach of the two clubs Ahmed Somalian win his case against the duo of unlawful termination of his contract.

“After winning his case, the two clubs were compelled to pay him within 45 days but that was not implemented,” reads part of the statement released by the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) on Wednesday.

It continues: “As FIFA ban them from doing international deals, TFF has suspended the two teams from accomplishing domestic signings.

“TFF reminds all clubs to respect contractual agreement of their coaches and players to escape penalties.

“When a club wants to terminate a contract with their coach or player, they should follow required procedures,” says the information.

However, with the suspension, Kitayosce will be forced to feature the same players who helped the team to get promoted into the top flight league next season.

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