Two firms join hands in environmental protection

AS the world marks the Environment Day month, Air Conditioner manufacturers and distributors have also expressed their bid to ensure the environment is well protected and that gases used in the ACs are friendly to human beings and the nature in general.

Tanzanians have also been urged to embrace air conditioning machines that are environmentally friendly in a bid to conserve the environment and consume less energy.

Garnet Star Manager, Mr Rajesh Nomulwar, said during the launch of his dealership with Daikin, which was also attended by the firm’s top leadership that they choose Daikin due to its latest innovations in energy-efficient air.

“We have chosen to sign a dealership pact with Daikin as they are a world leader and their machines are environmentally friendly,” he said.

Daikin India’s Deputy Managing Director, Mr Toshiharu Tsurumaru and General Manager for Overseas Business, Mr Jayant Jawa lauded Garnet Star for the move and promised to offer enough collaboration to ensure Tanzanians get quality machines and value for money.

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