Two Congolese arraigned for illegal entry

TWO Congolese nationals on Wednesday appeared before the Kisutu Residents Magistrate Court charged with four counts, including illegally staying in the country as well as giving false information.

They are Aroma Ilonga alias Juma Mustapha (62) and Tikangara alias Irene Hassan.

The prosecution was led by the state attorney, Godfrey Ngwijo, before the senior resident magistrate, Mary Mrio.

Before the Senior Resident Magistrate Mary Mrio, State Attorney Godfrey Ngwijo alleged before the court that on October 19, this year, the accused being DR Congo nationals, were caught at Majohe area in Ilala District without visas or any other valid documents that allow them to be in the country.

He claimed that in the first count, it is alleged that on October 19, this year in Majohe, Ilala Dar es Salaam, the first accused being a DR Congo citizen, gave false information about her citizenship and succeeded to obtain such identification by the name of Irene Ally Hassan.

In the second and third offenses, the defendants gave false information and succeeded to obtain national and voter’s ID cards.

The state attorney informed the court that on October 19, 2022, the second accused, Aroma, at Majohe Kivule as a Congolese he gave false information about his citizenship and obtained identification in the name of Juma Mustapha.

In the fourth charge, Ngwijo claimed that on October 19, this year, while in Majohe, the accused Aroma was found with a forged birth certificate bearing the name of Juma Mustapha.

Ngwijo claimed that the investigation into the case has been completed and asked for another date where the case will come for mention.

All the defendants denied their charges and were remanded until January 3, next year, after failing to fulfill the bail conditions of having two sureties who will sign a bond worth 1m/-.

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