Two children killed by floods in Bukoba

BUKOBA: THE Tanzania Fire and Rescue Force Kagera Regional Officer-in-Charge, Senior Assistant Commissioner (SACF) Zabron Muhumha, has warned residents in the region to take necessary precautions regarding floods, as reports indicate that most areas have started receiving rains.

Equally, he appealed to parents to be careful and should not allow their children to play around drainages and ponds to avoid drowning.

SAFC Muhumha explained that the seasonal senene are here again, but parents should be careful with their children.

This follows two incidents where two children are reported to have drowned this week.

He explained that the first incident happened on Sunday evening at Bukoba Municipal’s Kahororo Ward, where a two- and half–year old child was reported to have drowned in a drainage full of flooding water.

“The child is reported to have been following his elder brothers who were collecting senene. Unfortunately, he fell in the drainage and drowned. His body had already been recovered and taken by relatives for burial,” he said.

SAFC Muhumha said a Pre-Form One student at Bukoba DC’s Kibare Secondary School was also reported to have drowned as she tried to cross a flooded river on Monday afternoon. He named the deceased as Aneth Kemilembe (14).

He explained that the incident happened on Monday afternoon. “Initial reports said the student joined other pupils to collect senene after attending classes. Unfortunately, she was swept away by floods as she tried to cross the Kwambu River. Efforts were still ongoing to find the missing body,” he said.

He also advised people living in flood-prone areas to relocate to safer areas.

Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds recently pounded Bukoba Municipal, resulting in the death of one person and the destruction of over 200 houses. Also, over 150 houses were unroofed in several Muleba district’s Karambi Ward.

SACF  Muhumha  explained that during this period  most parts may experience  excessive soil moisture and flooding which may affect  crop and farm management. Farmers need to get prepared to make use of the rains and brace  for likelihood of excessive rain,” he said.

“People living in flood-prone areas should shift to safer areas for their own safety while fishermen conducting fish business along Lake Victoria should also be careful   following strong winds.

Parents, on the other hand, should not allow their children to go alone on the Lake to avoid drowning,” he said.

Areas prone to floods in Bukoba Municipal Council include   Omugikusha, Kanoni (Bilele Ward), Kashabo  and Shabridin (Bakoba), Matopeni (Kashai) and parts of  Nyamkazi (Bilele Ward).

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