Turkiye stresses win-win cooperation with TZ 

TURKIYE has commended the role of Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) and other security organs in safeguarding national security and stability.

Ambassador of Turkiye to Tanzania Dr Mehmet Gulluoglu made the statement on Tuesday during an event held to mark Turkiye’s centenary of the victory day.

He said, the efforts by security forces and organs have kept Tanzania and especially its southern borders safe from threats of terrorism and instability.

The envoy also expressed Turkiye’s commitment to continue working together with Tanzania on win-win relations in every area of cooperation.

“Turkiye is a genuine friend of Tanzania and we are committed to further strengthen our bilateral relations in every possible field including military and defence cooperation through military dialogue meetings, training and military aid programmes,” he said.

“Turkiye’s policy in Africa is based on a win-win relationship in every area of cooperation. We would never want   to see African states mentioned with security problems, our policy is clear; Peaceful Tanzania, peaceful Africa”.

The diplomat also explained the optimism of maintaining the new impetus of the existing military and defence cooperation between Tanzania and Turkiye with further visits at every level.

For his part, Military attaché of the Turkish Embassy to Tanzania Navy Captain Bora Basak explained the importance of marking the victory day.

He said, the centenary of the victory day event was held in commemoration of the Turkish war of independence which was a series of military campaigns waged by the Turkish National Movement after parts of the Ottoman Empire were occupied and partitioned following its defeat in World War 1.

These campaigns were directed against various occupying forces between 1919 and 1922. Final battles of the national struggle began on August 26 1922 and ended on 30 August 1922 near Dumlupinar, Kutahya in Turkiye.

“Following the Turkish victory, the Armistice of Mudanya was signed by Turkiye, Italy, France and Great Britain on 11 October 1922. Greece acceded to it on 14 October. To commemorate this victory, 30th August is celebrated as a Victory Day,” he said.

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