Tumaini la Maisha children smile as Mo Dewji dishes out 100m/-

IN continuing to walk its talk of contributing towards improvement of health services to communities in the country Mo Dewji Foundation on Thursday dished out a total of 100m/- to Tumaini la Maisha (TLM) centre.

The centre, which is located at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH), provides free and curative care for all children in Tanzania with cancer.It also conducts the detection of childhood cancer awareness in the country to reduce time delays in accessing treatment.

“Mo Dewji Foundation has provided 100m/- to Tumaini la Maisha at Muhimbili National Hospital. We sincerely appreciate the cooperation between the Foundation and TLM,” saidMs Rachel Carp, Head of Mo Dewji Foundation, during the handing over ceremony.

She said since 2013 the Foundation has been jointly working with the national hospital through Tumaini la Maisha, the largest cancer centre for children in East Africa.

“We are indeed humbled to give out 100m/- to Tumaini la Masha, an amount that, we believe, will help to serve lives. We believe that health is an important aspect for human development,” she added.

According to Ms Rachel, the foundation continues to work with Tumaini la Maisha simply because its programmesplay integral roles of saving the lives of thousands across the East African region.

“We fully understand that TLM also provides non clinical services to children with cancer, such as a school and play therapy programme, family support programme and a long stay house for children and their care givers.

Ms Rachel called upon other stakeholders in and outside the country to support TLM and other Non- Governmental Organisations’ effortsin helping children and other vulnerable groups.

This is not the first time Mo Dewji Foundation gives out financial donation to Tumaini la Maishaas it would be recalled that on August last year the foundation issued 100m/- to the organization.

Mo Dewji Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to alleviating Tanzania’s citizens from poverty and hardship and enriching lives.

The Mo Dewji Foundation focuses on improving life conditions in Tanzania in several areas such as promoting education in order to create a pathway for the population, especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, to lead to a more productive, equitable and just society, strengthening healthcare systems and creating purified drinking water to assist in disease prevention.

It also supports community development efforts in order to help build self-sustaining and successful communities throughout Tanzania.

The  currently operates several programmes and aims to involve itself in new and innovative projects to provide services and support for less fortunate members of the community.

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