TSO appeals for more support to orphans

DAR ES SALAAM based non profit Tanzanite Support Organization (TSO) has called upon development partners to extend more technical support, skills and knowledge transfer to orphans and other neglected social groups so that they can fully participate in economic activities.

Speaking during handing over of certificates to 12 orphans who took part in a month-long skills development training for self-employment, TSO Head of Programmes, Ms Asmah Mkwata said that inclusive economy can only be realized if more support is dedicated to the less privileged social groups.

Dubbed ‘Achieving Self-Reliance’ project, TSO targets at changing the inferiority mind-set of orphans to encourage them to take advantage of various economic opportunities.

“Every year young adults are forced to leave orphanages in Tanzania when they reach the age of 18, our question to many was, have you ever thought of what happens thereafter?  Many were unable to answer that question” said Mkwata.

According to her, the project, hoverer, involves a month-long training on different economic activities such as cleaning and laundry, bakery, front desk and information technology that can help beneficiaries engage in self-employment.

Ms Mkwata said that the main goal of the project is to empower young people with relevant life skills and knowledge that can change their lives and become independent adults through self-employment and entrepreneurship.

She asserted that goal of the organization is to help the marginalised and vulnerable groups have a clear focus, especially women, children and orphans through education, health, economic empowerment and improvement of social services.

Ms Mkwata further affirmed that there is an urgent need for young people raised in orphanages between the ages of 15 and 22 to be provided with guaranteed empowerment that will enable them maintain a healthy lifestyle, pursue their goals and live a successful life immediately after finishing the time of being raised in the centres.

“The Achieving Self-Reliance project is designed to build skills that ensure those in the program are employable, understand how to successfully find jobs and make them resilient in life.

“The orphans face stigma and discrimination and do not have enough support or guidance from people they meet outside the centres or on areas they were raised, and also lack family support and important life skills,” she said.

The graduates come from two orphanage centres in Dar es Salaam, namely Chakuwama and Ijango Ziada, both from Sinza in the city suburb. Most of them are from four graduates and a few with a primary school education level.

For the project implementation TSO is partnering with Wazoefu Technology Ltd, Johari Rotana, Manka Cakes Ltd, and Mind Garden Ltd.

Yusuph Khamis, a beneficiary from Ijango Ziada Orphanage Centre in Sinza Dar es Salaam said he has been linked to Johari Rotana Hotel in Dar es Salaam to pursue further training on cleanliness for three months.

TSO was established in Tanzania in 2020 and registered in 2021 under the NGO Act 2002, with registration number 00NGO/R/1981.

It was established with the aim of improving lives in areas such as education, health and creating an environment for sustainable development for young people, especially those in vulnerable or dependent situations.

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