TSN female staff extend support to Kurasini Children’s Home

DAR ES SALAAM: TANZANIA Standard (Newspapers) Limited (TSN) women on Wednesday extended support to children living at Kurasini Children’s Home, as part of the commemoration of the International Women’s Day.

The support included food items, water, clothes and other paraphernalia. Commenting on the noble cause, TSN Managing Director, Ms Tuma Abdallah said the female staff extended the support being part of their contribution to the needy in the society.

“We offered our support to the needy children as our contribution to the society. We recognise our great role in education and also our responsibility to stimulate development in the society and the nation in general. We also realise that children are the nation of tomorrow so any contribution aimed at helping them builds tomorrow’s generation as people with power, knowledge and ability,” she pointed out.

The Director further noted that they believe the support will bring relief and happiness to the lives of the children and those who care for them. While urging the public to see the importance of helping the needy in the society, she added: “There are many people in need of support, so we ask fellow citizens, individuals, groups and institutions to come forward to help them since doing so is fulfilling our duty to the society and in a way also pleasing God.”

On her part, TSN Manager of Administration and Human Resource (MAHR), Ms Siku Baleja said the staff made the contribution with the realisation that supporting the needy in the community form part of celebrating the International Women’s Day. Likewise, she said that selfsacrifice showed sincere love for the community which is part of a woman’s primary duty in parenting.

“I call on women who are the main builders of society not to leave their primary role of parenting in order to overcome various educational challenges including moral erosion and street children phenomenon,” said Ms Baleja.

Receiving the items, the Social Welfare Officer, Mr Andrea Haule, said the centre caters for 59 children of which 19 are females and 44 being males.

“This centre is currently owned by the government and we receive children from three to 18 years old. Once these children enter the institution, we make them feel as belonging to one father and one mother and in this case, the breadwinner is President Samia Suluhu Hassan. These are Tanzanians and we raise them in an environment, where they become brothers and sisters,” said Mr Haule, adding that as their parents, they also arrange to collect dowry once they get married and take back to them as capital money to help them in their future lives.

Mr Haule said that when the children attain the age of 18, they leave the centre either to go to vocational training, where they are provided with money as capital to start businesses or some opt to continue with higher studies with studies and later on become public civil servant.

Mr Haule commended TSN women for their support, noting that they were in need of several things like plates, cups, bedsheets, mosquito nets, crocs, underwear for girls and boys, medicated soap, tooth brushes, dettol, fruits, powdered milk, nutritional flour, water, juice and biscuits.

Commenting, the institution’s medic, Dr Lightness Barnabas said that many of the children need health services all the time and hence, visiting them was also psychologically healing.

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