TSN Digital team explores Bagamoyo rich history in styles

COASTAL REGION: Tanzania Standard Newspaper (TSN) Digital Media Service held a historic tour into the vibrant historical fabric of Bagamoyo in the Coastal Region as part of a captivating domestic tourism venture that witnessed the team taking part in community activities and strategic planning.

Digital Media Service, Acting Manager Mr. Sylvester Domasa, who led the team over the weekend said: “We usually encourage people to promote domestic tourism, but most of us choose to go abroad when we want to relax. This time, I said we should visit our own, we should visit our own sites and explore all its corners.”

Apart from the scenic exploration, the team convened to discuss and plan various initiatives aimed at fostering the growth and effectiveness of the digital services unit.

During their visit to Bagamoyo, the team explored several historical sites, including the Kaole ruins, a village with a rich history as a prosperous Arab town.

The Kaole ruins were once the preferred landing spot for immigrants from Arab countries on East Africa’s coast.

The itinerary included visits to significant landmarks such as the old tower of the first Catholic Church in East Africa, one of the oldest Baobab trees, cemeteries (Catholic, German, and Indian), Dr Livingstone tower, Old Fathers’ house, and the Cross at the beach.


The day culminated in a visit to the beach, providing the team with a serene backdrop to reflect on their experiences and build solidarity.

TSN’s digital team return from their memorable journey, bringing back not only cherished memories but also a renewed sense of purpose and unity that will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of the digital services unit.

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