Trio arrested for murder of petty trader

RUKWA: POLICE in Rukwa Region have arrested three people alleged for murdering a petty trader Baraka Nyangala (30) and made away with his motorcycle and over 1.8m/- after burying him alive.

The deceased was a resident of Kasisiwe Street in Sumbawanga municipality.

Rukwa Regional Police Commander (RPC) Shadrack Masija named the suspects as Frank Simsokwe (33),Edfonsi Simsokwe (28) and,Nikas Lunguya (38) all from Katazi village in Kalambo District.

Updating journalists about the incident, the RPC said the incident occurred on September 28,2023.

“On material day, with intention to commit crime the trio called the petty trader via mobile phone that they are selling beans.

The petty trader rode his motorbike while the trio rode on a single motorbike to Katazi village” added the RPC.

He went on to say that ” while at the forest closer to Katazi village the trio people armed with clubs turned violent and severely attacked the petty trader, they dug a ‘ grave ‘ and buried him alive” added commander Masija.

According to the RPC, the trio stole the petty trader’s motorbike and made away with his 1,840,000/-.

“We were alerted on the disappearing of petty trader and our officers including cyber-crime officers investigated the matter and managed to apprehend the suspects who led us to the scene of incident” explained the RPC

He further said that the suspects will be arraigned into court after preliminary investigations of their case are completed.

In another development, the Nkasi District Magistrate’s Court has sentenced Marian Misango (44) to serve five years in jail after she was being found guilty of stealing an infant aged three hours old.

The incident, according to the RPC, occurred on September 22,2023 at around 6:30 hours at Nkasi District Designated Hospital (DDH) in Namanyere town.

“It happened just three hours after Edinatha Mwendapole delivered her baby when Mariam appeared and tricked the mother that her baby has to be jabbed against polio disease and subsequently took the infant and disappeared to unknown destination” added the RPC.

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