Tricycle riders with disabilities want fair competition in city centre

DAR ES SALAAM: ASSOCIATION of tricycle (Bajaj) riders with disabilities (UWAWABADA) has asked the government to re-introduce a ban on passenger tricycles ridden by people without disabilities from operating in the city centre.

Tanzania Association of the Physically Handicap (CHAWATA) national chairperson, Hamad Komboza, made the plea to Ilala District Commissioner Edward Mpogolo, during the general meeting of the UWAWABADA held yesterday in Dar es Salaam.

Previously, people with disabilities who rode passenger Bajaj were privileged to operate in the city centre while others were barred from going to the Posta area.

Mr Komboza stated that among challenges facing the group were to operate along with people without disabilities whom they cannot compete with when it comes to scrambling for passengers.

“We ask the government to consider re-introducing the previous arrangement of not allowing riders without disabilities to operate in the city centre,” he said.

District Commissioner Mpogolo assured the association the government will address their challenges, saying plans were in place to label all Bajaj operating in the city centre.

He said the decision will be made during the meeting of the district’s committee for road safety where by-laws would be crafted.

“We will mark all Bajaj entering the city centre so that you could know those who are not supposed to operate in the area,” Mr Mpogolo stated.

He also reminded the riders to observe road traffic laws and regulations, including respecting traffic lights so as to avoid accidents.

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