Traders heed government directives on sugar price

DAR ES SALAAM: SOME retail and wholesale traders in Dar es Salaam have complied with government directives to sell sugar as per the indicative price.

The government announced the indicative retail and wholesale price of sugar in the country not exceeding 3,200/- per kilogramme and urged the regions to follow those prices.

More than 100,000 tonnes of imported sugar were received in the country last month to address the challenge of the sugar shortage that caused an exorbitant rise in prices.

One of the residents, Mr Bashir Mwanyero, who was found buying sugar at a retail shop, Mtendeni Kisutu Street in Dar es Salaam said, “I have bought two kilogrammes, one kilogramme is sold at 2,600/-.

I am surprised because, in the street where I live, the price has not yet dropped,” “We ask the government leaders to continue monitoring the implementation of the directive on indicative prices because there are some traders who have been selling above the indicative price,” said Mr Mwanyero.

A trader, Mr Komail Ridhiwan, said that the number of customers who buy sugar has increased after selling at the government’s indicative price. He said that he has been selling a kilogramme of sugar at 2,600/- and still makes a profit.

He urged fellow traders to reduce the price of the product in order to relieve the hardship facing lowincome people.

“Businessmen let’s be patriotic, it’s better to make a little profit than to make a super profit, the price I reduced since morning until now I have sold more than 300 kilogrammes and I have considered that this is the month of Ramadan, sugar is widely used in preparing various foods.

Businessmen should not hoard sugar because doing so is to sabotage the government which is trying to listen to the concerns of the people,” said Mr Ridhiwan.

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